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Companies, research centres and administration

aligned in R&D


There is a long history of collaboration between Basque companies Who together are tackling major R&D projects in various areas of offshore wind energy development, combining the region’s wind and marine energy expertise thanks to inter-cluster collaboration added to support from technological platforms (Tecnalia, and IK4) and universities (UPV-EHU and Mondragon Unibertsitatea)




Development of a turbine of high output (15 MW)






Development of technology to widen knowledge and be at the forefront in construction of  deep water marine wind farms





Development of floating infrastructure in deep water generating offshore wind energy.






New component monitoring and predictive maintenance system aimed at turbine and wind farm management 







New large scale, self-installing offshore substation



New  large scale, self-installing offshore substation

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ENERGIBASQUE Technological and industrial energy development strategy of the Basque Country

Defined by the Basque Government and public agencies, to strengthen the development of present capacity in the energy sector of the region


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Energy is one of the priorities of the Regional Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) of the Basque Country.



boosting the creation of

advanced manufacturing and validation infrastructures


The objective of WINDBOX is to have a unique piece of high standard equipment available to allow the integration  and validation of multi-megawatt turbine subsystems (>5MW).

The capacity to test components integrally and under conditions as near as possible to those in the field (charges, temperature, humidity, vibration) will allow manufacturers to optimize their design, efficiency and reliability, resulting in a major improvement in technological positioning and international competitiveness  for suppliers and integrators of products and systems in the wind energy sector.

With the support of this initiative, the Basque Government begins to implement its Advanced Manufacturing Strategy, one of the cornerstones for the improvement in Basque industrial competitiveness, fully aligned with the Industrialisation Plan and the Regional Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3), which sees both advanced manufacture and energy as two of its strategic priorities.


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