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Companies, research centres and administration

aligned in R&D


Main I D initiatives with Basque agents and European collaboration projects



HARSH (Hazitek 2016)

Technologies for the design, advanced manufacturing and validation of components for energy facilities in offshore environments. 




SEAPOWER (Hazitek 2018)

Development of offshore solutions for the foundations, towers and auxiliary systems of highpower offshore wind turbines.




MODEOL (Hazitek 2017)

New technological generation in the Basque Country for wind power modules. 




FLOW (Hazitek 2017)

Development of a floating wind turbine for a full-scale demonstrations at bimep. 





IOENERGY (Hazitek 2018)

Digitalization of critical components in RREE with support and optimization of digital platforms and test benches.



New  large scale, self-installing offshore substation




Development of innovative virtual and hybrid testing methods for prototype validation of pitch bearing and gearbox components. 



New  large scale, self-installing offshore substation




Digitalization of the pitch hydraulic system of offshore wind turbines and improve the data availability for further analysis for a reliable validation and a demonstration process.  




ELBE (Cosme)

ELBE is an EU-funded project that aims to contribute positioning Europe as the world technological and industrial leader in Blue Energy, with a special focus on floating offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. 




boosting the creation of

advanced manufacturing and validation infrastructures


WINDBOX is an open access facility that provides fully equipped test benches to support the development of highly reliable wind power systems and components, as well as the improvement of design and manufacturing processes. 

The centre includes four test benches, which simulate the operating conditions of a wind farm and are specially oriented to validate critical wind turbine systems and subsystems for offshore environments. 

The project, created in 2015, has been driven by the Basque Government and Spri in the framework of the Advanced Manufacturing Strategy, supported by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Cou ncil and eight wind energy sector companies, and coordinated by the Basque Energy Cluster.

Windbox Ingles

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