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The Basque Country

is a top player through its experience in onshore wind


PV tejido industrial

The Basque Country has developed a strong industrial framework in the wind power sector thanks to the driver effect of leading international companies such as Iberdrola and Gamesa, playing a prominent role in  technological and market development (with over 22 GW installed in Spain since the outset in the mid 1990s as a pioneering country at an international level) 


PV competitividad desarrollo

The overall figures of activity of Basque companies in this field clearly show the competitiveness and the level of development which has been reached, both industrially and technologically

Wind power activity

in the Basque Country, data 2017



Outlay in R&D M€


Employment in R&D

+ 15.700

Overall turnover M€

+ 3.800

Employment in the Basque Country

+ 100

Wind power companies

accompanied by a shipbuilding industry and marine activities

firmly planted in the region


The maritime sector in the Basque Country figures highly in the economic and industrial development of the Basque Country. Furthermore, the maritime sector in Euskadi is a world benchmark thanks to its knowhow in the construction of high technology vessels and manufacture of equipment and products of high added value.
The sea serves as a natural habitat for local companies and their experience  in sectors such as oil and gas makes them necessary players for the development of offshore wind power, as they are able to offer solutions both in the design process and the construction of the wind farm and its equipment both during operation and maintenance and its subsequent disassembly;

  • Installation and maintenance vessels
  • Foundations (fixed and floating)
  • Manufacture and integration of electrical substations
  • Other elements (cranes, elevators, interiors, anchoring devices, towers, transition pieces)

PV puerto


Maritime Sector Activity

in the Basque Country, data 2016



Outlay in R&D M€


Export ratio


Overall turnover M€


Overall employment


Maritime sector companies
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